When one watches Jockl Greiß at work - which he doesn't like much - there is surprisingly little to see and certainly nothing spectacular. Everything is well thought out and done with such care that progress is almost imperceptible. Knives are created one at a time from start to finish in a single process. And naturally only the finest materials are used. This is where hand work becomes pure craftsmanship.

The path from the first idea to the finished product is an integral part of Jockl Greiß's life. Often enough it is only with reluctance that he is able to part with his knives. Sensitive people will understand this feeling.

As the master craftsman carefully works his materials, filing and grinding them by hand and subjecting handle and blade to stern inspection at every stage, one gets a feeling of consummate craftsmanship.

When Jockl Greiß's makes a knife, hardly anything during the whole process is done by machine. This would be more likely to disrupt than to help, and anyway would probably prove impracticable.

At present Jockl Greiß uses the famous first-class folded damask steel with 380 layers produced by Jerry Rados in the USA. The blank for each blade is forged individually so that during the subsequent forming operations all the layers and the damask structure remain homogeneous and in tact. Later the finished masterpiece will show how beautifully the refined structure gradually tapers off towards the cutting edge and the tip.

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Handles are made of:
Desert iron wood
Walrus tusk (fossilised)
Sea cow bone (fossilised)