The pictures of the knives shown on this page - click on the pictures to see the blowups - represent the original knife in each case.

However, they are only pictures and just give a rough idea of the actual object.

The feeling you get when you hold the knife in your own hand is impossible to describe

Here are the finished knives currently available from Jockl Greiß.
The selection is rarely larger than that displayed, as the knives really are individually 'one-off' items.

All knives from Jockl Greiß, even if not specifically shown, are supplied with a tight-fitting, hand-sewn sheath made of specially selected saddle leather.

Prices beginn at 
€ 1,000.--  and average around
€ 1,500.--  though they may be higher where the material used or the amount of work involved, or both, demand it.

knife # 20904a - click to enlarge!

Antike Dolche zieren die Wand.

We try to keep the pictures of our current selection as up to date as possible, but may be your decicion to purchase comes too late and someone else has just got there before you.