Suppose you were to say spontaneously, that knife there is just what I have always wanted.
I'm afraid I'd have to disappoint you. Too late. All these knives are long since in private collections and are certainly not for sale.
Then why have I displayed them here so inviting? Well, it is to give you a clear idea of Jockl Greiß's inimitable style and craftsmanship. No two knives are the same and yet they are all instantly recognisable as his work.

I, for one, am convinced that I could pick out one of Jockl's knives from a thousand others.

Though similar at first glance, each is quite unique.
strong satin-finished blade with silver-engraved, riveted side plates.
2. small Bowie knife made entirely of highest quality damask steel with stag handle

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A pure aesthetic joy. A complement to the hand.
(In my opinion this is 'Number Two')
Small, 8 cm satin-finished blade with a 
handle made of finest desert iron wood.

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Three new members of one family,
in tight-fitting, hand-sewn sheathes, made of finest saddle leather.

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Copy of a precious antique knife from Lapland
Damask / 8 cm blade / reindeer horn / silver / birch root / leather

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The author's favourite knife.
fits beautiful in the hand.
Damask / small 6 cm blade /
Oosik handle / silver fittings